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Pulled Over? You Need A San Antonio DWI Attorney

You have just made the biggest mistake of your life. You had some fun out with your friends, hanging out with the family, at a special event, or just had one too many glasses of wine with dinner. Then, you decided to get behind the wheel of your car. If you have been pulled over for intoxicated driving in Texas, you need the best DWI attorney San Antonio has to offer.

Texas laws about DWI are quite strict, and the penalties you face for blood alcohol levels above the legal limit can result in large fines, jail time, and suspension of your license. This happens even if it is the first offense, and, of course, the penalties get worse if you drink and drive more than once. Getting the help you need makes sense.

What Can a DWI Attorney in San Antonio Do For You?

When you face misdemeanor charges that can result in jail time for blood alcohol levels over .15, you need someone on your side who understands the law and how to navigate the court system smoothly. One important thing to remember. Individuals who are not familiar with the law and the court system may make mistakes and missteps automatically simply because they do not know how things work.

Attorneys who specialize in DWI cases know exactly what the laws say and can help minimize the charges against you in some cases. They understand proper police and court procedures and make sure everything occurred as it should throughout the whole process.

If you represent yourself in court, you should have guidance and expert knowledge telling you what you should and should not say. Of course, you know you must tell the whole truth in court, but an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can help you frame that truth in the most acceptable manner. In court proceedings, you still have your constitutional rights in place.

Hiring a DWI attorney in San Antonio also gives you peace of mind throughout the process. His office will handle all the necessary paperwork, which sometimes can get quite confusing if you are not familiar with legal documents. He organizes and schedules court dates too.

If the chance of a plea bargain exists for other aspects of your driving while intoxicated charges, such as pleading off reckless driving or similar extras, having a skilled lawyer on your side becomes that much more important. Although state minimums cannot get removed, you could avoid additional problems.

When everything else is done, you have paid your fines, served jail time if necessary, etc. a competent DWI attorney may help expunge your conviction from your permanent record. If this is possible due to the one-time or less-extreme nature of the intoxication charges, it will open up your future to more possibility and less judgment from potential employers and others.

After making the horrible mistake of driving under the influence, do not compound the problem by approaching the court on your own. Get a professional DWI attorney on your side.

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San Antonio Attorney Explains DWI Punishments

Driving While Intoxicated, (DWI) is a serious offense if charged in Texas. If convicted, punishments include loss of driver’s license, court costs, possible jail time, etc. The consequences of a DWI can affect an individual’s life for years, costing thousands of dollars. In Texas every twenty minutes someone is involved in an accident involving alcohol resulting in death or injury.

Hiring an experienced lawyer is the best course of action if you find that you have been charged with a DWI. This individual will defend you and protect your rights as much as possible. The only way to minimize the punishment for this serious charge is to seek legal help immediately to build your defense. Using a specialized DWI attorney can affect the outcome of your case. This is one time in your life that you want to hire the best attorney.